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Vinyl Flooring Huntsville, AL

When it comes to gorgeous materials for your house, high-maintenance care isn't always a given, but it doesn't have to be. The boundless creative possibilities of porcelain tile, like all ceramic tile, are matched by performance and practicality, which includes the following low-maintenance, cost-saving benefits. The benefits of these excellent materials are explained by our team at tile flooring Colorado Springs.

Vinyl Flooring Huntsville, AL

Resistant to Water

Both of our ceramic tile flooring Colorado Springs products are resistant to moisture, making them ideal for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, showers, backsplashes, countertops, swimming pools, and other outdoor locations.

Resistance to dirt and allergens

These allergies can be brushed or wiped away instead. Keeping allergens off surfaces helps prevent them from moving in the air and contributing to poor indoor air quality, which is vital for any home, but especially for allergy sufferers!. Also, it is worth noting that our team at porcelain tile Colorado Springs includes this information to explain to every customer; thus, for them to decide smartly.

Bacterial Resistance and Microbe Growth

Bacteria and fungi require an organic substance to feed on to grow. Like all ceramic tile, Porcelain tile is inorganic and inherently resists bacterial growth. Antimicrobial characteristics in some choices can reduce and even kill unwanted microbes, including mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

Because mold and mildew can cause headaches, allergic responses, and other health problems, it's critical to maintain your house free of these irritants. Bacterial resistance is, of course, the finest first step toward a healthy environment! This is one of the great benefits of these two excellent materials, and our staff at tile flooring Colorado Springs never overlooks it.

Resistance to Fading

Have you ever moved your furniture around only to discover that the newly exposed floor space is a different color from the rest of your flooring? Some flooring materials, such as certain types of hardwood and vinyl, can be faded by the sun's color-leaching UV rays, leaving your newly redecorated space looking dull.

Color is baked directly into the tile's clay body or glazed surface on ceramic surfaces, making them "color everlasting." As a result, ceramic surfaces do not fade in the sun, even when exposed to direct sunshine.

Resistance to Stains

When a pot of simmering spaghetti sauce splashes on your kitchen backsplash, your coffee cup gets knocked to the floor, or a bottle of wine drips on your counter, you can usually clean it up with just water and no worry about permanent staining.

Resistance to Scratches

There's no need to be extra cautious when it comes to protecting your porcelain, and you won't have to worry about dirt accumulating in scratches and dents like you would with other nonceramic surfaces. The hard-fired surface of the tile is exceptionally resilient, resisting scratches, scrapes, scuffs, dents, chips, and cuts — the list goes on — even after years of intense use. This is one of our customers' preferences when purchasing either of them at tile flooring Colorado Springs.

Cleaning is simple.

Cleaning is a snap, thanks to bacteria resistance, stain resistance, and scratch resistance. Most messes can be cleaned up by sweeping and wiping with water. Do you require a little more cleaning power? Look for a mildly alkaline detergent or a neutral cleaner developed specifically for tile and grout.

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With so many low-maintenance advantages, it's no surprise that these materials have some of the lowest life cycle costs of any flooring. Performance that saves you money and time while maintaining a pristine appearance. Now, with all of your flooring needs, our tile flooring Colorado Springs is here to give the value for your money.

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