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Flooring Installation Huntsville, AL

Carpet tile, often known as carpet squares or modular carpet, offers various designs, styles, and performance options. It's also incredibly adaptable and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for commercial and residential settings. Consequently, our carpet installation Colorado Springs team is here to highlight some of the most important details about this fantastic material.

Flooring Installation Huntsville

Carpet Tile's Advantages

Design autonomy

The freedom of design adds depth and texture to the area, making modular carpet a stylish and modern alternative to standard rolls.


Our team at carpet tiles CO can install this over various floor types, including wood and tile. You may also order squares that will fit your precise room without trimming off excess material because the tiles come in several sizes.

Cleaning and maintenance are simple.

Cleaning it is similar to cleaning a regular one. If a square is damaged beyond repair, it can be changed without replacing the entire floor, which is ideal for high-traffic commercial environments. That is why our carpet flooring CO recommends this to our customers.

Most Popular Industries of this Fantastic Material


Commercial quality carpet tile works excellent in gyms because it is easy to clean. Contact our carpet installation Colorado Springs for recommendations if you're looking for a pleasant alternative for your yoga or light workout facilities.


This long-lasting material is perfect for schools and institutions. It's available in a variety of colors and patterns, so you'll be able to choose one that complements your school's aesthetic.


For businesses with a lot of foot traffic, walk-off carpet tile is ideal. Wear-and-tear carpet tiles may be easily replaced thanks to the modular design, eliminating the need to re-carpet the entire restaurant.


Modern offices, like carpet tile, are built for flexibility and shifting layouts. Depending on your needs, our specialists can install new office flooring.


Most carpet tiles have a low pile, are looped, and have a very tight weave. They're made this way to withstand substantial traffic - which is probably less than even a very busy family with kids and pets has. Many are also darker with flecks, striations, or patterns to add design flair and make them last longer.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What is the price of commercial carpet tile?

The cost of tiles is determined mainly by the style you want. Our team at carpet installation Colorado Springs installs carpet tile from more than 22 different manufacturers, allowing you to pick the ideal brand and tile for your project.

How much does it cost to install carpet tiles?

The cost of installation is determined by the size of the space, the type of glue used, and the number of hours required to complete the project.

Is it necessary to hire a professional to install carpet tile?

While carpet tile allows for speedy installation and replacement, it is best left to the professionals. The floor will have visible seams, irregular tile spacing, and the possibility of buckling or curling tiles if it is installed incorrectly.

What is the most effective method for cleaning this type?

Square tiles can be vacuumed, treated, and cleaned like conventional broadloom carpets. However, if you need to remove a single tile for spot treatment, ensure it is totally dry before replacing it to avoid mildew or mold.

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